Friday, January 11, 2013

You say you want a Revolution?

No more sitting on the sidelines!
You say you want a revolution?  

This has been on my mind A LOT!  
{There is so much going through my thoughts right now that I hope this doesn't come out disjointed.}

I know this is heavy on my heart for a reason.

Maybe it is due to the fact that we have an over abundance of access to news updates so our awareness of the bleakness is heightened! 
 Maybe these things have been going on all along.  
Maybe, as adults, we simply see things with a new set of eyes than we did as teenagers.

My eyes were wide open, my attention perked and my heart was happy!
My 6 year old brought up Martin Luther King Jr. a few times this week {Thank you K teachers at Manchester Elementary for presenting our country's history in a way that is not only understandable but exciting to our little ones!} but on this day there was a different sense of curiosity in his voice about the topic.  He presented to me what he had learned with intensity and I morphed into "teachable-moment-mommy" in the blink of an eye.

We spoke of details of MLK's life, but the best part was that it lead to a great talk between he and I, along with my 12 year old.  

We talked about the importance of taking a stand for what you know to be right.
We talked about other historical figures and how it only takes one person to move things in the right direction.

I love talks like this!

It really got me thinking... I don't want to generalize, because there are some really amazing teens out there with a heart for the good and a passion to make a positive difference, but I also see the disturbing mindset of our next generation... one of discontent, disrespect, disregard and disengagement.  

We can all theorize the "why", and some of these answers are necessary, but I want to focus on the "how can we make it better"

Sometimes it's really hard to see the big picture...
Sometimes issues seem so overwhelming that we don't even know where to begin.

How about starting with some good 'ole fashion kindness?  
Seek it out! 
Someone around you needs to know that they are valued!

So here is the challenge...  
I have created a sheet that can be printed out and cut into strips for you {and your children}to hand out. 
at school... at the mall... at church...anywhere!

AND, I want to hear all about your experience!  
Shoot me an email or leave your comments below and I would love to share your experience with other readers on my blog.
Pass this along to your friends... get anyone and everyone involved!
It's a small step in the right direction!

*This is the beginning of a new blog series... "You say you want a Revolution"
Check back for a new challenge each week.


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  1. sweet, lis! appreciate your focus: how can we make it better. love you.