Wednesday, December 30, 2015

One Little Word 2016

Hello lovelies!  I hope that you had the most amazing Christmas and that your heart {and body} have found a little peace and rest.  I know I am enjoying a little bit of down time with my loved ones!  

I so look forward to this time of year!  While I love the season and Christmas and family and all of the celebrating, I also love the calm after the storm... reflecting on the blessings and also recognizing what I DON'T want to do the next year.  I know this time of year gets hectic for most people. This year seemed extra stressful to me. I hate to even say that out loud because I am just so darn sick of the glorification of BUSY!! 

In case you are new to my blog and business {welcome!!}, each year, for the past 7 years, I choose ONE LITTLE WORD to focus on in the year to come.  FOCUS is not something that comes naturally to me, so I know that I need to be intentional.  My words in the past have seemed very easy to land on and they have been BIG and EXCITING and FULL OF PASSION.  Choosing my word for 2016 has NOT been easy.  I would land on a word and be convinced that I had found it, then a few days later, feel strongly about another powerful word. Some of these words included... JOY, BOLD and CONFIDENCE.  Those are fun, right!? They just weren't meant to be MY word.

There is this verse... it just kept persisting... I wasn't sure why, but it just kept coming back to mind

I was reminded of situations over the past few months that needed attention, situations where there was busy-ness, but no peace.  Situations where I allowed negativity to over-take my thoughts.  Why is it that we can have an overwhelming amount of support, encouragement and praise from most, but when there is one "not-so-kind" word spoken about us or our work, THAT is what we dwell on.  I was not okay that I wasted any amount of time and effort entertaining thoughts that were not life-giving.  I knew that if any of my girlfriends expressed these feelings to me, I would immediately remind them how loved and valued they were and that those hurtful words from one person should hold no merit!  Why would I not have the same standards for myself. I am the daughter of the most high God and His plans for me are TRUTH!  That is when it hit me.  I was not hearing His words because there was too much noise!  Both literal noise and the noise of busy-ness!  

There was a sense of peace as I landed on my one little word for 2016...

While I will also strive to be purposeful and passionate and brave and bold, my primary focus this year will be to just "be" and "have" quiet.  That means eliminating the "noise" that keeps my heart from hearing God's voice.  That means taking the time to do some yoga and meditation. It will mean turning off the TV and Radio sometimes.  It will mean slowing down to really put life in perspective when necessary.

Friend, I pray that this year YOU will be blessed and that new adventures will find you.
I pray that you would be intentional about your life and not take one moment for granted.
You are so loved!

I have created this 14k Gold-filled piece for myself for this years word...
{I will be listing this, along with other new designs throughout the week!}

Friday, November 6, 2015

You Are Loved: A Campaign to Bring Awareness for Suicide and Depression

Today I attended the funeral of a dear High School friend.  A friend whose bright light, smile and positive attitude would encourage and uplift everyone who would ever have the pleasure of knowing her. She was a friend whose love for Jesus was evident in the way that she lived and loved others, even when it wasn't the "popular" thing to do!  I so admired her for that! I regret that I never took the time to tell her how much her faith meant to me all those years ago.

Sadly, this wasn't the first funeral that I had been to where Suicide was the cause of death.  It isn't the first time that suicide has affected my life and it is definitely not the first time that depression has had a hold on someone that I love.  Every time something like this happens, it's heartbreaking.  It is so hard to make sense of and there are always so many questions that may never be answered on this side of eternity.  What I do know is that God is able to use anything for good.  We want to love those close to us a little harder. Hug our babies a little tighter.  Pay closer attention to those around us that seem a little "off".

Years ago I read an article, one that I wish I had kept because it has been so impactful on my life. You know, those words that jumped right off of the page as if it were written just for you to read at that very moment.  While I don't remember the magazine or all of the details in that article, this is what still resounds with me years later.  It was an interview with a woman that lived in a third-world country and she said this {I'm paraphrasing} "In the west {that's us!}, you pray that God would take away your painful situation.  Here in the East, we pray that God would give us the strength to deal with the situation.  We pray that the pain would not be wasted"


I can't tell you how much these words have changed my life!

God, please do NOT let this pain be wasted!,

This resonated LOUD when I learned about my dear friend's passing.
I am not going to allow this to be "just another sad story"  "just another tragedy"
This is someone's daughter, best friend, mother, wife, teacher, encourager...  
This could be anyone's everything. 
The world now looks different to those who are grieving. It's no longer whole.  Songs no longer have the same meaning.  Even the grass and the trees seem different. Just breathing in and out is a task that takes intention.
I want to do something.  I HAVE TO DO SOMETHING!

When someone is diagnosed with Cancer or MS or any other debilitating disease, the whole community rallies around them to plan fundraisers and bring awareness about that disease.
When someone is diagnosed with depression, they hide it in shame.  It's a lonely place.  

I know that I alone can't do everything... but I can do something!

How I could use the gifts that I've been given to be a blessing in this situation?

{All items can be purchased HERE}

I had been working on some "you are loved" pieces for my holiday collection and I knew that those words were meant for this cause.  These pieces will be released early and 50% of the sales will be donated in this way: 25% of each sale will go to a memorial set up in Larinda's honor and 25% will go to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.   This site has amazing resources to educate yourself on depression, warning signs of suicide, risk factors, statistics and help in your area.

If you are struggling, please don't keep it to yourself.  Share your feelings with someone! You are so loved and your life matters.  If you suspect that someone else may be struggling, don't ignore it.  If you're not sure what to do, find someone that can help.

Big Hugs and blessings to you!
You are loved!

Friday, October 23, 2015


"She believed she could, so she did!"

Dear beautiful, wonderful girl, 
That's right, I mean YOU! Do you have any idea... 
How amazing you are?
How smart you are? 
How talented you are?
How BRAVE you are?

There are so many things about you that the world needs more of!  What are you waiting for!

Steph and I have been working on this idea for a good while now... it's funny how the most beautiful things in life come from some of the most painful things.  The concept of "Brave" was born of some really trying circumstances... trials that looked different in each of our lives.  Even in the midst of adversity, both of our hearts desired to make beauty from what seemed broken...To rise above our circumstances that seemed hopeless...To trust that His plan was so much better and so much more fulfilling than anything we could hope for in taking the easy route...To move past the fears that kept us from being our very best version.  This was going to take bravery.


 There are women everywhere, just like us, with a story to tell.  With burdens that seem so big to carry.  With dreams that they are too afraid to explore.  Is that you?  What is it that has you paralyzed?  Can we just sit and chat for a minute?  Are you ready {go ahead, grab that coffee!}  Please hear me out on this...

You are bigger than that job loss.  There is something better than you had imagined just waiting for you, but you have to go get it!

That divorce that turned your world upside down and completely stole your confidence does not define you.  Your beauty and value are not found in a man.  YOU are so very loved and treasured.  If it means saying those words in the mirror until you believe it, then do that!

That child that is sick was given to you with very careful and intentional consideration.  It's not going to be easy, but every precious moment that you are present and choose to live life to the fullest will be so worth it. You GET to be his/ her mother and your fierce love is an inspiration to all that know you!

That dream you've had since you were little, you know, the one that keeps popping up.  The one that brings a sparkle to your eye and passion in your soul every time you think about it!  What is holding you back from pursuing that?  Your age? Money? People might think you're crazy? They may not like it?  Who cares!  At the end of the day, you have to be true to YOU! It might take a lot of hard work?  Heck yeah it's going to take a lot of hard work!  Nothing rewarding ever comes easy!  

What is it in YOUR life that is going to take some Bravery to move forward?

You have what it takes inside of you to be BRAVE, you just have to choose to access it!

We are so very excited to announce our 3rd and newest candle in our collaboration series. 

BRAVE was created with a beautiful blend of fresh scents chosen to inspire and uplift.
{including top notes: white grapefruit, petitgrain, tangerine and clementine.  Mid notes: mandarin, mimosa petals, geranium, lemon and basil.  Base notes: Bamboo, juniper berries and musk}

The candle comes with a removable, hand-stamped, stainless steel charm that says "she believed she could so she did" along with an arrow charm that can be worn on a necklace or attached to a keychain once the candle has burnt out!

Each candle is 9oz with a 70+ burn time 

If you are interested in purchasing one of our candles, please visit 

In Store at:
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Saturday, January 24, 2015


I have found the one whom my soul loves
Song of Solomon 3:4

Doesn't the sound of that just make your heart smile!

I have always loved this verse and as I've gotten older, have been more and more intentional about trying to live in it's truth.

I think we sometimes see the big screen and assume that if our relationship doesn't model that type of connection, we must either be with the wrong person or we're not worthy of love.

I assure you, God has other plans.

I think of the person that I was when Dennis and I were first married 16 years ago. Thank you Lord that he stuck around!! I have always been in love with this man, but I was selfish, independent and more often asked "what can you do for me?" rather than "what can I do for you?" 

I love the way that it's said in the NLT of Genesis 2:18  "Then the Lord God said, 'It is not good for the man to be alone.  I will make a helper who is just right for him." 

I GET to be that helper to my husband!


I didn't always see it as such.  I've {slowly} discovered that it's not about  getting what you want in that relationship, but about growing together, encouraging each other and loving one another, even when the road is bumpy.  and if you have been with someone for any amount of time, there WILL be bumps in the road, but the way you handle those bumps together will only build strength in that relationship.

I understand that some of you may not be in that relationship yet, but please take heart... God has it under control.  Don't rush to get there, trust that in His time,  YOU will certainly find that ONE that your soul loves!

As many of you know, I have had the AMAZING pleasure of collaborating with Steph of One Love Candle and Bath on our now second candle together.


We wanted to create something that focuses on this kind of LOVE and encourages nurturing and embracing that love.

SO IN LOVE was born!

It features a complex blend infused with six essential oils featuring a rich base of amber, vanilla, musk and sandalwood with lively top notes of jasmine, lavender and orange. The beautiful glass jar is adorned with a hand-stamped, keepsake tag that says "I have found the one whom my soul loves." that can be removed and worn on a necklace or added to a keychain.

We are so proud of and excited about this collaboration!

 Steph is absolutely amazing at what she does and I am so in love with this scent! It appeals to both men and women and is just the perfect, romantic blend.

Once again, we had the pleasure of working with the amazing Kelly Hubert on photography.  I am so very thankful for this trio of ours!  Kel just gets it!  We tell her our vision and she runs full speed ahead to make it even more amazing than we even had planned.  She has the most beautiful heart and is so dedicated! YOU are such a blessing, my friend!

In addition, a HUGE shout out to DC Estate Winery in South Beloit for allowing us to do our photo shoot there!! This place is GORGEOUS!!!  If you are in need of a beautiful wedding location, or you just want to get away and do some wine tasting... {they even have art and wine classes} Please check them out!!

Steph and I pray that you will love and embrace our latest project!!  That you will spend time nurturing the love that is right in front of you and remember what a treasure that is!
You are so very loved!

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