Saturday, December 27, 2014

One Little Word 2015: PURPOSE

1. the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.
1. have as one's intention or objective
This will be my 6th year choosing a "word of the year"... my "one little word", if you will!
I have loved the process of deciding on the most poignant word to sum up my focus and objective for the year to come.
2014 was an eye-opening year.  In a good way!  My word for 2014 was "confidence" and the year before it was "choose"  I really tried to be intentional about my choices. 
Primarily, the choice to allow God to direct my path. 
This was a BIG one! 
Giving up control is not in my nature.  Does that come easy to anyone?
Because of that one choice;  my family was strengthened; my business was blessed & new, beautiful & encouraging friends came into my life.
I don't know if it is the fact that I'm getting older or wiser {or a combo of both} but I have grown to value and embrace the fact that I was created for a purpose. 
Life is so much sweeter when your accept that!
God does not make mistakes and I have learned that His plans are ALWAYS better than my own!
My word for this year... PURPOSE... came to me a little over a month ago.  I waivered back and forth between a few other strong contenders, even landing on the word "Imua" which is Hawaiian for "move forward".  I even shared this one with a few family members, but with every other word that I chose, I kept coming back to "purpose".   It just embodied all that I wanted to focus on moving in to the New Year.  
Last night I came across this as I was going through my Pins on Pinterest and it was the confirmation that I needed!! 
This is it!
I want to use what I have and what I can do to help others!
I want to be purposeful in my relationships.
I want to live each day knowing there is a purpose for it.
I want to encourage others to embrace their purpose.
Have you given thought to the idea of "one little word" 
If you haven't yet decided on a word and need a little push, here are a few words to inspire you...
Whatever you decide, go in to 2015 with great anticipation that big things are about to happen. 
You are so loved and so valued and were created with a purpose!
*If you have chosen your word for 2015, I would so love to hear what it is and why you chose it!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

In It For Good!

"The king will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me'"  
Matthew 25:40

I love this!

If you have been a follower of my blog or my Instagram feed, you know...

I love that they breathe life into their members.

I love that they are always on a mission to help in any way possible.

I love that if they are called to move, they do it BIG!!!

The Original Conference is all of this encompassed, but focused primarily on strengthening women and their heart for God.


Unfortunately, I wasn't able to attend the big conference this year, but was able to get to an Original Night recently.  So for me, it was really the first I heard about the initiative IN IT FOR GOOD!

To say the least, I was REALLY MOVED!  

Moved to do something!

It was a really emotional night and I couldn't get it out of my mind.  I remember the first time I ever heard of Human Trafficking, I was so sick!  It was probably six years ago and my daughter was just beginning her teenage years at the time.  I think if you're a human being, this travesty breaks your heart, but if you have girls... it is magnified.  That could be my daughter.  

The initiative IN IT FOR GOOD will benefit Zoe International, Mercy Ministries and SHE Rescue Home.  Each women taking on the challenge is asked to raise $200 for these organizations.  


I have created 2 pieces of jewelry solely for this initiative.  50% of the proceeds from these items will go directly to the IN IT FOR GOOD initiative.

The Necklace is an antiqued brass that measures 30" long and is embellished with 6 handmade tassels {inspired by the Original Conference decor!} and a hand-stamped charm that reads "IN IT FOR GOOD" 
$22.00 ea.

The cuff is approximately 7" and is made of burlap and lace sewn to aqua leather and feautures hand-stamped and hammered metal with the words "IN IT FOR GOOD" and is finished off with a beautiful toggle clasp!
$16.00 ea.

If you would like one {or more} of these items, please leave a comment below or you can email me at

Another huge THANK YOU to my beautiful friend, Kelly for modeling for this project and always being one of my biggest fans!!

Please feel free to spread the word!! Share this on FB, Instagram, Twitter, email, whatever you can think of!  

Saturday, December 6, 2014


What if the world were full of women who were intentional about their gifts?  
What if we exercised compassion, instead of comparison?  Encouragement, instead of envy.  Gratitude instead of grumbling.  What if we made an effort each day to build each other up rather than tearing each other down.

As women, the struggle is real.  We wonder if we are doing enough, if we have enough, if we ARE enough?
Please hear me when I say this...
Where you are right now is EXACTLY where you are supposed to be.  This is a necessary stop on the path to God's best for you!  You don't have to try to DO or BE anything different than exactly who you are!

These past few weeks have been something that I'll never quite be able to put into words.  I will try, but all I can say is that GOD was at the center of this beautiful project.

About a month ago, I had a sense that wouldn't go away, to reach out to Steph of One Love Candle and Bath.  I really didn't know why, we knew OF each other, had some of each others products, but didn't know each other well.  So, I just went for it!  I said "Steph, this is what I'm thinking, what do you think?"  She could have said  "what are you even talking about, this is so LAME!" {I love her, because we would both totally use that word, hee hee!} But instead, what transpired was almost a whimsical beauty that neither of us even felt in control of!  She said "Oh my goodness, YOU have been on my mind so much, too and I had no idea why!  and that verse is one of my favorite verses and songs!!!  YES! YES! YES!"  

So we got to work.

We realized that our hearts desire was the same.  We so wanted other women to see their worth and value.  We wanted our collaboration to not just be a candle with something pretty on it, but a start of a movement.  An invitation for women to love themselves right where they are.  To stop comparing their everyday to someone else's highlights.  To feel like just being present was enough.  

Through this collaboration, the JUST BREATHE candle was born.

We wanted each detail to have a very natural and organic feel.
It features a rich blend of amber, sandalwood and musk with brisk ginger and citrus top notes, all intentionally chosen aromas to soothe your soul, in an 8 oz. Mason Jar.  It also features a detachable, vintage inspired, hand-stamped charm that reads "It is well with my soul" along with a simple Swarovski crystal {because every girl needs a little sparkle!} tied with natural Jute twine. When the candle is gone, the charm can be placed on a necklace or key chain as a keepsake.

The project would not have been complete without my beautiful friend, Kelly!  

She and I had planned to meet up for a photo shoot for another project.  She was just going to be my model for the day.  Very last minute, I asked her if Steph could meet up with us so that she {Kel} could just get a quick picture of the two of us to attach to our collaboration.  What ensued was one of the most blessed days, I think for all of us.  It turned in to a full blown photo shoot!

  Kel's photography is stunning!! 
 I LOVE YOU, my friend.  I am SO thankful for you and can't imagine this story turning out any better if you weren't a part of it!

Steph and I pray that you will be blessed by our little project! That you will slow down and remember all of the things that are a blessing in your life. That you will finally give yourself permission to love yourself just the way you are.
You are so loved and so valued!

The candles can be purchased here and here.
If you are local to the Rockford area, you can also find the candles at:
Infinitely Sweet in Rockford, IL
Front Porch Mercantile in Rockton, IL