Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Dear Sweet Teenage Girl

This is for you, sweet girl
I remember what it was like to be a teenage girl... and oh how I would love to go back and embrace that girl and love her more and tell her how beautiful and loved and treasured she was. That the body she was so ashamed of was actually a beautiful vessel for running races, giving the biggest hugs and carrying the very best gifts that she could ever imagine!  

I remember feeling like I wasn't enough.
I remember the pain of my parents divorce and the first time I really felt depressed and wondered if anyone would miss me if I were gone.
I know what it is to feel the loneliness and shame of an eating disorder.
I remember feeling like if I didn't fit a certain mold, I would be an outcast and disliked.
and how alone I felt when all of my friends were headed off to college and I was going to be a teenage momma!
oh, there were so many times that I fell short and disappointed people and compromised on things that I knew I shouldn't.

but you know what...I know this sounds crazy now, but can I tell you how incredibly thankful I am for all of those struggles!  I have seen God use every one of them for good!

There are some truths that I have learned through the pain and the celebrations that someone needs to hear right now...

1. You are SO not alone on this journey, even though it feels that way sometimes!

2. Those problems that you are facing right now... I know they seem like the end of the world, but they are not going to destroy you! You have so much more strength within you than you can even imagine!

3. Those bully's {or maybe even "friends"} that tear you down... They're unhappy with themselves and it likely has absolutely nothing to do with you.  Do not give them power over your life!

4. YOU be the one to build you up!   Don't rely on a man {or anyone else} to do that for you! Write out and repeat words or scripture that inspire you to be your very best!

5.  Seek out friends that will call you higher!  Surround yourself with people who not only want to listen to your struggles, but will celebrate your successes.  And more importantly, YOU be that person to others.  It will have an amazing impact on your life! 

5. As long as you have breath in your body, there is an amazing purpose for your life.  It may not be obvious now, but please trust me on this one!

You are so very loved and treasured!