Thursday, September 13, 2012

Other Mothers

I debated whether or not to even write this post but I needed somewhere to share.
I'm sorry in advance if my thoughts are scattered and jumbled.
Right now, we are going through something hard.  Painful.  Heartbreaking. Confusing.
I want to talk about it, but I don't want to talk about it.
With the few people I've shared with, I can't seem to speak without completely breaking down.  
If we are close and you're not sure what's going on, please don't feel like you aren't important in my life, I just need some time to be able to sort through and make sense of some things. 
I know with God, our pain is never wasted.  He will use this season to strengthen us and make us more compassionate towards others. One day, he will place others in our lives that we can help.
The few people I have spoken to have been mothers themselves.  No one understands a mother like another mother.  As mothers, we are used to holding things together.  But what happens when we fall apart?
These mothers have weeped with me and offered words of hope and encouragement.  
It's amazing how, as mothers we don't even have to be going through the same thing or even have experienced the same thing, but as soon as we hear what is going on and put ourselves in that situation as a mother, our hearts are broken just the same. 
I'm so thankful for the few that have been brave enough to share with me their own similar struggles.  
I know that these conversations are not random.  They are intentional and on purpose.
I went to the hospital yesterday.  Not to visit but to drop something off.  I wanted to be invisible.  I wanted to be in and out without having to speak with anyone.  I had been alone all day and just wanted to continue to keep it together.  As long as I didn't open my mouth I could do it.  God had other plans.  As I was walking in, I ran into a couple that used to attend church with us.  I hadn't seen them in a while, but they are a couple that my husband and I loved dearly.  My heart began to race as we approached.  I didn't want to tell them why I was there.  After just a minute of small talk, it came out.  As soon as I opened up, she and I were embraced in a hug and crying together for what seemed like 20 minutes.  That hug meant the world to me in that moment.  I think we all just need to be heard and desire to know that we are not alone.

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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

DIY Headband Holder

{Re blog from my old blog, Papermellie}

This is one of those projects that I had to share again! 
I get more compliments on this little thing than probably anything else in my studio.
Not only do I love making fun and unique headbands, but I love wearing them too, so it was imperative that I found something functional {and inexpensive} to store them on.
There have been a plethora of different DIY headband holders floating around in the land of Pinterest.
So what is a girl to do... make one that caters to her style and taste, of course!
Because a lot of my headbands involve different colors, I thought going with a neutral palette was my best option {and I love using burlap any chance I get:}}

Here are the supplies that you'll need to make your own Headband Holder:
Empty Oatmeal container
Spray Adhesive
Candle Base {I used a larger one}
Fabric or paper of choice
Hot Glue Gun {or other strong adhesive}

Instructions: Cut the length of fabric or paper to go around your oatmeal container, leaving a little extra to tuck in top and bottom.  Spray adhesive on container and adhere your fabric or paper to it {for a neater appearance, I folded over the exposed end as well}  Put generous amount of hot glue on clean base of the candle holder and adhere the bottom of the oatmeal container.  
Voila!  That's it!! Simple right??

Monday, September 10, 2012

Motivation Monday... Because you can!

It has been just over a week since my last run!
It only takes 2 or 3 days, not only to see the physical decline but to really feel the mental and emotional impact of not running.
I WILL NOT go that long again!
Just after I got all of my babes out the door this morning, I took off for a run.  
Here in Northern Illinois, it was a beautiful and perfect 50 degrees {where was this weather on 10/10/10 for the Chicago Marathon!!?}  

Life happens, we get busy and let's face it, there is always an excuse, but there is this sweet subtle voice that I'll often hear when I'm a little off track with my workouts... 
Run because you can!

I received a text from a sweet friend a while back that will forever resound in my heart... 
"Please tell me that when we get to heaven we will run a marathon together"
Cait is the sweetest, most determined and most amazing teenage girl you will ever meet!  Because she was born with CP, her body physically will not allow her, right now, to run.  
Her goal... to walk across the stage at graduation in May, 2013!  
She is giving every bit of strength, energy and will in therapy to achieve this goal.  There is not even an ounce of doubt in my mind that she will walk across that stage!  She is fierce like that and she is confident in the source of her strength.  Her life verse is the same as mine:} 
I can do ALL things through Christ who Strengthens me. ~ Phil. 4:13
So I have to choose... honor her, and for those battling similar restrictions, 
I will run because I can.

{I created this poster in an 8x10, please feel free to print this for your own personal use!}

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Lots of Love, Lis

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Senior Year... from Mom's perspective

This is a big school year in our home.
All four children are in school and coincidentally this is the one year that all four will be in a different school! 
Of course my baby has begun Kindergarten this year, but surprisingly this is not what I am having the most trouble with.
 If I can be honest... I'm a part time blubbering mess.
As long as I don't think about it, I'm OK.  But the moment I think of all that this milestone means, I have this uneasy, queasy feeling inside and often will tear up when I start think too much about it.
My little girl is a Senior this year
{dog gone it, I'm getting choked up just typing the word} 
Where did the time go???
What do you do when the person that you grew up with is no longer with you every day?
She became a part of my life when I was a child myself.
All of the great things that happened in my life, happened while she was with me.

I see her venturing her way into adulthood...toward a more independent way of life.
I know that these transitions are necessary.  But they are still hard {at least for mom}
This year will be the last of so...many...things.  Homecoming dresses, prom dresses, fun sleep-overs, Girls sports.
Yes, I still have the boys and cherish our relationships in a different way, but this is MY GIRL!  

I will surely treasure the time that we do have this year.  
I will listen intently to the stories of "this class" and "that boy" {all of which start out with "oh my gosh, mom..."}
I will offer words when needed and a shoulder when they're not.
I will take advantage on those random days to squeeze in one more hug and one more "I love you"

I will trust that she is in God's hands and that our futures will present so many more wonderful chapters together... 
Happy Senior Year, Sweet Girl!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

DIY Up-cycled Key Necklace ON THE CHEAP

Ok, I admit... I am a little obsessive when it comes to finding a way to make something super fabulous while spending the very least amount of money possible.
I mean, come on, times are tough right now for everyone, but we still want to be gorgeous and wear pretty little things, right?
So, we have this metal candle holder in one of our kitchen cabinets that is filled with old keys.  Keys from previous cars and who knows what else!  So my wheels were turning.  They are such a cool piece of metal, they shouldn't just be quarantined to a key ring {or tin in a cabinet!}.  They should be given some extra attention.  A little pizazz, if you will.  
That's just what I decided to do.  I picked a few of them that I thought had some pretty cool character {and that I knew were no longer functional for us} and I brought them back to life!

Supplies you'll need:
{feel free to be creative and add your own personal touches!}

*Metal Stamp Set
*Clear Nail Polish {or another sealer}
*Old earring or button
*Wire cutters

I loved that this particular key had the perfect blank space for some text, so I started by adding "Be You" with my metal stamp set.  Now if you like simple, this would be a fine place to stop, but I am a girl that loves some sparkle so I really needed to keep going.  I added some glue around the text {I love the Martha Stewart Permanent Glue}, covering the remainder of the key.  Then I added some blush glitter {again, using Martha Stewart }  I waited for that to set and coated it with clear nail polish.  Like I said, I was going with what I had on hand to make it a "no-cost" project, but you could also use another form of sealing medium over the glitter to see that it did not come off on your clothing.  Finally, I added an old spare earring to the corner {use wire cutters to remove the post from the earring first} and Voila!  I simply added some chain with a toggle clasp and I had a brand new sparkling accessory!

Do you have any fun, inexpensive DIY projects that you'd like to share?  
I would love to hear about them!