Monday, January 28, 2013

Facebook Free February {and other random goals}

I have been pondering this idea since the new year began... I want to simplify! 
Maybe some women find it easy, but it has been a challenge for me to work from home!
Let me explain, because I absolutely LOVE that I am able to be here, create AND make money doing what I love!  
However, as a mother of 4, wife and woman in general, I have found it hard to focus on MY WORK, when there are dishes to be done, loads of laundry piling up and countless home projects surrounding me... Add to that, I am an adult living with ADD, it takes some serious discipline to make this work... 
Last week, my sweet {and able-to-stay-on-task} hubby and I sat down for a heart to heart.  I poured out my struggles and together we came up with some solutions. 
He's such an encouragement to me!  
Maybe it was the talk or the new year or just simply that I really want to see my business succeed, but I have a new found sense of direction, discipline and determination... one that has been lacking after a very challenging fall.

I am excited about 2013!
There are some exciting things on the horizon...

Planning our family road trip over spring break

GRADUATION {sniff sniff}

College for said graduate

A brand new collection
{think clothing and wedding goodies!}

Maybe some marathon training!
{Haven't decided which one yet!}

Soooooo... I need to cut some things out to make these plans a priority.  
They deserve my attention.
I CHOOSE to be intentional!

The first small step will be to avoid Facebook!
Don't worry, I won't be completely off the radar... I will continue to update my blog, so be sure to subscribe to my feed.  You can also keep up with me here:

{will still feed to FB}

I can't wait to share with you all of the fun things that unfold over the next month!

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  1. looks like a great stretch ahead! still hard to take in that your oldest is wrapping up h.s.! we are sort of old, but aging beautifully.=)