Saturday, October 27, 2012

Na Da Farm Recap!

I promised that I would share a little glimpse into the Nada Farm Show, so here it is!!!
{Unfortunately the only camera that I had was my phone:/  Not the best pics, but you get the idea!}
 {my space}

Oh, I wish you could have been there.  This show was even more amazing than I imagined!
Jason and Anne Marie have put together an event that is like no other!
Such a warm, inviting and inspiring atmosphere!
As I have said before, I visited the show a year ago and absolutely loved it.  I felt like my items would be a great fit and I was so excited to be invited to be one of the vendors this year!

I have a fun story... as a business owner, I had an idea in my head of what I hoped would happen...
Gentle reminder... DON'T PUT LIMITS ON WHAT GOD CAN DO!!!

It started with "well I hope I at least..."
Then my expectations got a little more daring "If I could bring in X amount, I could..."  
Can I tell you, God showed up in big ways and went WAAAAAYYY beyond what I expected.   
As he always does!!  
I met so many wonderful women who were following their dreams just like me!
I had so many wonderful new customers that supported me and offered great words of encouragement!
 {the VERY few pics that I took... you can view the full vendor list here}
I feel so blessed!
If you weren't able to make it out for the fall show, be sure to check it out in the spring!

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