Wednesday, October 31, 2012


I am going to be super honest here... Halloween is probably my least favorite holiday!  There, I said it!
It has nothing to do with my religious beliefs or anything, I am simply just not a big fan.  I LOVE the fall and I LOVE to decorate for fall... just not usually Halloween in particular.  
I love pretty, sparkly, happy decorations, not morbid, bloody and creepy ones.
Of course, like any other self-respecting parent, I love to see my children enjoying themselves so we always dress up and trick or treat, but I typically don't put up any "Halloween specific" decor.  
For the past few years, the kiddos have been pleading with me to put up Halloween decorations, so I finally gave in... if you are a lover of Halloween, you will think this is lame, but this was my contribution to the holiday!  

{don't you see those creepy spiders crawling up my spider-webbed mantle:}}

HaPpY hAlLoWeEn

There is a good chance that these will be down tomorrow and some lovely "fall" pretties will take their place:}

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  1. that was funny, lis. i can completely relate in every way. this year the kids had no interest in dressing up or doing anything. i didn't fight it. we'll see if next year changes, but this year we stayed home, made banana walnut bread, watched charlie brown's halloween, and took a walk around the property in the dark--you should have seen how giddy the kids were just doing that! simple joys.=)