Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Senior Year... from Mom's perspective

This is a big school year in our home.
All four children are in school and coincidentally this is the one year that all four will be in a different school! 
Of course my baby has begun Kindergarten this year, but surprisingly this is not what I am having the most trouble with.
 If I can be honest... I'm a part time blubbering mess.
As long as I don't think about it, I'm OK.  But the moment I think of all that this milestone means, I have this uneasy, queasy feeling inside and often will tear up when I start think too much about it.
My little girl is a Senior this year
{dog gone it, I'm getting choked up just typing the word} 
Where did the time go???
What do you do when the person that you grew up with is no longer with you every day?
She became a part of my life when I was a child myself.
All of the great things that happened in my life, happened while she was with me.

I see her venturing her way into adulthood...toward a more independent way of life.
I know that these transitions are necessary.  But they are still hard {at least for mom}
This year will be the last of so...many...things.  Homecoming dresses, prom dresses, fun sleep-overs, Girls sports.
Yes, I still have the boys and cherish our relationships in a different way, but this is MY GIRL!  

I will surely treasure the time that we do have this year.  
I will listen intently to the stories of "this class" and "that boy" {all of which start out with "oh my gosh, mom..."}
I will offer words when needed and a shoulder when they're not.
I will take advantage on those random days to squeeze in one more hug and one more "I love you"

I will trust that she is in God's hands and that our futures will present so many more wonderful chapters together... 
Happy Senior Year, Sweet Girl!

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